YEC Creation Conference Walking Distance From My Home

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #1

Looks like I will be attending this one. I can’t resist the opportunity to talk to Rob Carter face to face.

Here is what his session says:

Meet Your Ancestors: Adam and Eve – presented by Dr. Rob Carter of Creation Ministries, International. Rob will present his latest analysis of worldwide DNA data which indicates we are all related and descendant from 2 humans - not that long ago. There is a lot of evidence not only for Adam and Eve, but also for Noah’s Flood and the Tower of Babel. Where is this evidence? In our genes! Come and hear about the history of the world

This should be…interesting…


(Guy Coe) #2

Oh, dear… you might want to be sure you have very clear sinuses, and are not drinking any milk products while you watch this particular movie. It’s snot accurate… forced choices wrapped inside false dichotomies, coated with creamy caramel. Bring some Tums!

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Also, practice your poker face.


(Neil Rickert) #4

Personally, I would take a walk – in the opposite direction.


(Curtis Henderson) #5

Good news - you can purchase tickets for children under 18 for $2!!

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If you can go to this conference without sinning due to extreme irritation and/or anger, you are a better Christian than I.


(Jonathan) #7


I’m glad that you are taking the time to go to this! Ultimately, I will be very curious to hear what you think afterward! :wink:

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(S. Joshua Swamidass) #8

I know the organizers. They are good people who mean well. I know friends of Carter, and I’m honestly curious how YECs are engaging our work, such as TMR4A


(John Harshman) #9

Remind me what the road to hell is paved with.


(Guy Coe) #10

I have found these kinds of events to often be broadly interesting, while being maddeningly closed-minded in other ways. Just try to have a conversation about what the Hebrew does and doesn’t require of a faithful interpretation, and you’re viewed as being a greatly suspicious character. In other words, they can be kinda “fun,” while being maddening, when you can maintain a consistent, confessional witness. I’ll be curious to know how they interact with the latest origins research, as well. It could be quite a gymnastics display, by good people.


(Robert Byers) #11

Going to these things is a sign of a open mind to learn things. Pride cometh before the fall.
I wish it was close to me. its reaching the public and kids and thats a great way of sowing doubt and sowing truth. Its teaching to question human conclusions .
Its teaching intelligence.

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(Herculean Skeptic) #13

I’m curious in this vein as to where you might like to go to similarly display your open mind and learn new things?

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No, no, no! We are prideful. YEC are merely defending God’s inerrant, infallible and inconsistent Word. Which is, most certainly, not Jesus. Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus is the Word (Logos).


(Robert Byers) #15

Am willing to learn and be corrected. However its the other side saying HELL NO WE WON’T GO!
I am here on a blog which is not YEC greatly or YEC are numerous.
By the way its not the MIND that is open but the soul working with the heart. The bible says man thinks with his heart. The mind is just the memory. A tool for our soul/heart thinking.
So keep a open heart!.


(S. Joshua Swamidass) #16

Another thread had me thinking about this (2019 Summer Seminars in Seattle: Study with Michael Behe and Other ID Superstars).

Looks like I will be attending. I’m curious to meet Rob Carter for the first time. Should be interesting.


(S. Joshua Swamidass) #17

@joshuahedlund come join me at this?


(S. Joshua Swamidass) #18

Thanks @Robert_Byers I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not sure Carter is ready to engage with me. Too bad @glipsnort can’t make it :smile:.


(Joshua Hedlund) #19

Interesting… I had missed this post. Thanks for the personal invite. It is not walking distance from my home but it is biking distance! I may be available that weekend. What would you see as good goals to have for a former-YEC Christian attending while striving for a “peaceful science” posture?


(S. Joshua Swamidass) #20

Let’s talk to them and see what we can learn. I’m friends with the organizers. They are glad I’m coming. If we are lucky it will be a small group, so we can talk to the speakers at length. The key things: be honest and do not be disruptive.