Did Jesus Fulfill Messianic Prophecies?

We are discussing Christianity, Islam and Messianic Judaism here when considering the reliability Gospels.

Did Jesus as described in the New Testament fulfill the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament?

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I don’t see why the same questions would not apply to all religions.

According to the Jews, no. They are still waiting for their Messiah. From the conversations I have had with various Jewish scholars there are many Messianic prophecies that Jesus did not fulfill, and some of the supposed prophecies that Jesus allegedly fulfilled were not Messianic prophecies to begin with. If memory serves, the Messiah was supposed to overthrow the rulers that harmed the Jewish community, and that didn’t happen. In fact, things got even worse for the Jews under Roman rule.

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Are the stories told about Jesus in the NT reliable accounts that allow us to determine whether he actually did?


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According to Messianic Jews, yes.

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All of which were copied from earlier versions which have been lost.


According to the non-Messianic Jews, no.

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So what is the ratio of Jews to Islam and Christians?

A fallacy invocation

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I would say less than 1% of the population holding on to a belief is significant data. If you read the prophecies you will see why.

Again look at Isaiah 7,9,42,49,52,53,61 Daniel 7 and 9. Compare these accounts with the general theme of the New Testament accounts.

The Lords servant will be born of a young woman, He will come from the line of David, He will suffer for our sins, He will deliver good news to the poor, He will be tried and not defend himself, He will be executed and rise up again, His message will be spread over all the nations of the world, His reign will happen before the destruction of the second Temple.

This one looks like a duck :slight_smile:

According to the Jewish scholar I talked to, not all of those are messianic prophecies. Some are talking about Israel, not the Messiah.

If you want to continue discussions on prophecies, I would suggest you start a new thread on the topic.

Wow! Who could have seen that one coming! From a young woman! Not a 60 year old woman, or a young man, or a camel or something of whatever age.

This is your idea of “prophecy”?

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The Jewish position changed about 1000 years ago on Isaiah 52,53 away from it being a Messianic prophecy.
It was affirming Jesus divinity and they needed to change their position.

Read it yourself and see if you think it is talking about the people of Israel in describing the suffering servant.

The Gospels affirming the prophecies are strong evidence of their reliability.

Yes, you are correct.

Everybody agrees, provided that you disregard all of the people who disagree.


The case is overwhelming Rum. You are down to a very large conspiracy theory to deny these events.

The book of Isaiah was found in the dead sea scrolls dated over 100 years before Christ was born.

You clearly have no understanding of the position you are arguing against if you think this is at all relevant.

That would make it all the more likely the Christ-story was inspired by the dead sea scrolls, as opposed to “predicted” by it, as that gives plenty of time for the story to spread and be know to the originators of the Jesus stories.

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When did Mary call Jesus “Immanuel”?

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Yea that’s the position some Muslims are taking but when you think it through it does not work short of a massive conspiracy and a guy being crazy.

What does Immanuel mean in Hebrew?

Any evidence of this?

Then lets look at this verse:

Jesus didn’t have any dominion. That’s a failed prophecy.

In those days, Judah was not saved and Jerusalem did not dwell safely. Failed prophecy.

The wicked weren’t slain. The evil people weren’t conquered. Failed prophecy.

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