Forensic science with carbon-14, tree rings, and Lake Suigetsu varves

A reader a few months ago asked for a post when a PSCF paper by myself and Ken Wolgemuth became open source. The paper describes how we can combine independent data sets, such as carbon-14, tree rings, and annual lake deposits (varves), to put assumptions about the unobserved past to rigorous tests. The paper takes advantage of the highly detailed work researchers have done with sediment cores collected from Lake Suigetsu in Japan. The full paper can be freely accessed at the link below.

Davidson, G. and K. Wolgemuth (2018) Testing and verifying old age evidence: Lake Suigetsu varves, tree rings, and carbon-14. Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 70:75–89.


Thank you @davidson! This is really helpful work.

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I honestly don’t remember if I asked, but I’m very excited to see the paper. Thanks, Gregg!


Hope it lives up to expectation! :wink:

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It is quite good. I recognize one figure from @Joel_Duff, Lake Varves, Volcanic Ash, and the Great Isaiah Scroll.

I like this by Ken, too:

Great work in the Grand Canyon book!


Hi @davidson. Are you still at Hotty Toddy? Being a relatively short drive from Oxford (I’m in Tuscaloosa), I’ve always wanted to drive over and meet you and maybe pick your brain a bit. But I just haven’t gotten around to reaching out

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Sorry for the delay - last week of classes! Yes, I am still at Ole Miss. Happy to have you drop in (with some forewarning, of course :wink: )

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Great article. It drives home a point that we have made time and time again: it is the consilience between independent data sets and methods that gives us confidence in our conclusions. One method is great, but when multiple methods using different measurements and different processes give you the same answer, you know your conclusions are trustworthy.


Agreed. The one word which scares Creationists the most by far is CONSILIENCE. You can find a silly hand-wave for almost every piece of scientific evidence for evolution but you’ll never find an excuse for two or more independent and consilient ones.