Free Download: Extended Excerpt of The Genealogical Adam and Eve

An electronic copy of the first and last chapter of The Genealogical Adam and Eve are available here to the Peaceful Science community. This excerpt explains the motivation of the book, grounded in six key virtues: courage, curiosity, empathy, humility, tolerance, and patience.

Join the mailing list to get your copy. This is download is free for private use only. You may not make this file available for public download. You may not share this download with any other person. Instead direct them to this webpage, where they can download a copy for themselves.

The link on the webpage doesn’t seem to work on Chrome, but it does on Microsoft Edge.

Works fine for me on Chrome. Did you try reloading?

I tried Chrome on my phone and desktop. Didn’t work. Edge worked.

It doesn’t seem to work on Firefox either.

Chrome didn’t work for me. I tried Firefox, and it appeared to work, but I never received the email link.

Yeah even after I clicked the button in Edge I didn’t receive the email link.

Hmmm. That isn’t good…

(1) I had to use my Opera browser to get the Download-link to work.

(2) I then received the email with the embedded link but also got this red flag warning message from Gmail:

Be careful with this message

Gmail could not verify that it actually came from [I obscured Joshua’s email address for his privacy protection.] Avoid clicking links, downloading attachments, or replying with personal information.

P.S. I wonder if this issue is also related to why I just today discovered that all messages from Dr. Swamidass’ email address have been going to a Gmail category bin for advertisements/solicitations. @Jonathan_Burke, perhaps that explains why you didn’t get the email containing the link. If you use Gmail, try checking your PROMOTIONS tab/category.

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I checked Promotions previously, but it wasn’t there. However I did find it in Spam, which makes sense given what you’ve said.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I fixed both problems. Do you mind checking to see if it works on Chrome now?

Yeah it’s good in Chrome now.

Not working on my phone (Chrome, Android).

Welcome to Peaceful Science, @Boscopup.


Can you try another browser :confused: ?

Going to the desktop (Chrome) worked. I guess the little popup doesn’t work on the phone. :woman_shrugging:

And the email went to my spam folder, but I reported it as “not spam”. Then it moved to Promotions (Gmail). I’ve downloaded it on my phone for reading now. :slight_smile:

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The download now works on Firefox, but I too had to manually move the email out of my spam folder.

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Okay, I changed the template. I think this should make it work for everyone, and it also warns people to check their spam filter.

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Looks good! Clicking “I agree” showed the subscription form on my phone.

I just finished reading the sample. I look forward to reading the whole book. While I don’t personally have a problem with all humans not relating to Adam and Eve, I have YEC friends who say Eve’s description as “mother of all living” means just that. I’m not sure how they’ll take to Eve being mother of all that live after a certain point, rather than mother of all humans that have ever lived. But maybe you’ve addressed that in your book?

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