Hej from Sweden

Hey there. A friend of mine advised me to look around here for some interesting conversations.
I am a metaphysical naturalist from Sweden, even thought I have been living in Switzerland for a while now.

I am a mathematician with focus on applied mathematics, mainly in the field of mathematical and theoretical physics.

I guess my philosophical stance makes me a strong atheist, assuming that atheism can be graded.


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Hejsa, @viole. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Is your friend here? Who?

What are you hoping to talk about?

LOL, I have no idea what screen name she uses. But I like both science and peace, so I guess I am right here.
I have the reputation to be a bit of a boat rocker, in a civilised way of course, but where would be science without boat rockers?

My only problem I have very little clue of biology, apart from being pretty confident that religious beliefs are a naturally selected trait for humans. But I have enough knowledge to rule out things like “the Universe began”.

I think we will know each other as we get along…


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Unless there is another, @viole is referring to me :slight_smile: Good to see you here! We met at another, rather conservative, Christian forum. I suspected my views there would not be very popular (turns out I was right), so I have a pseudonym over there.


LOL, so you are that friend of mine? cool


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