Calling for Beta Readers

Who would like to help me by being an early reader, offering critique, and fixing at least a couple of my typos? The goal is to get the draft done by the end of summer. I’ll need people to get me over the hump.

We have a new group called @readers, and a new category #readers that is private till you are added to it.

Joining the group will give you a cool little icon on your avatar too, showing that you are one of our readers. I will be using this category for feedback on excerpts of the book, and adding everyone who has declared interest on this thread to the group. If you become a reader, please place a high priority on promptly answering and engaging posts in this category.

Would you be interested in help me produce the best content possible going forward? If you would like to be added, please request it here or in a private message to me.


I could send coffee, although there’s sometimes a fine line to dosing between inspiration and too spazzy to think.


I offer to read and critique on the science only. And point out where you drift away from strict science neutrality. which is okay as long as it is identified as moving outside of science. You may want to listen to Dr. Collins talk at posted on Biologos. I listened to the whole thing. He clearly stated what was science and what was faith based. He is masterful at it. That is how your book should be.


THANK YOU @Patrick. That would be very helpful. Few people understand the line I’m walking here, but I think you do. It would really serve me to make sure I don’t leave any fuzziness here. I’ll be in touch.

Maybe when you get a moment, you can give an example of what you mean… what kind of discussion or public call out do you think will help Peaceful Science?

The Rules of the Game are important to understand, especially for students like @T.j_Runyon in science. And also several others: The Rules of the Game

I’m game to assist, of course - only I’ve failed myself to get over the Hump for the last seven years. :frowning:


Good news to report. Look what I just got in my inbox:

the IVP Academic publishing committee met this week and have approved your proposal for The Genealogical Adam and Eve.

More good news to come in time.


I would be honored to read it and provide feedback.

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I’m in. However, you might remind me (us) as you get closer to a complete manuscript!

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Excellent News Josh! Couldn’t be a better imprint for that subject, from my viewpoint. (You may remember IVP UK turned down my book, despite my being a personal friend of two of the board!).

Now you just have to write the book.

Just to keep you in my loop, GGE passed the proof-reading stage with only half a dozen corrections, there were no editorial changes, and I am now proof-reading the typeset version. Not only that, but Wipf & Stock liked my suggestion for a cover image, so I’m seeking permissions for that.

Thereafter it’s just indexing and testimonials and they should be good to go.


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I’m keen to edit/comment whenever’s useful.

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I would also be keen to give an early read, wherever is useful.

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Congrats, and however I can help!

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Today in my inbox from DocuSign:

All parties have completed Please DocuSign: Swamidass, The Genealogical Adam and Eve 9.24.18- REVISED.pdf.

It is now official. I am an IVP author, assuming I can finish this draft.


It would be great if you published more technical papers.

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Congratulations! That makes you a member of what some would call the “second oldest profession!”
But, we’re not that cynical; it oughtta be great!

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I’m doing that too. Another Nature Genetics paper about to hit press. Several more on the way.


Lord bless with the book and get as much attention as you can.
Me fix typos?? It might not help with credibility, for many not all, to have me helping.

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