Hovind in My Mail

Look what I found in my mail today. I was surprised to see the green card.



“Dr.” Dino who is a self-professed expert on evolution, yet who doesn’t know what allele frequency is.

OK this is just hilarious :laughing:. Maybe you should send him a copy of GAE in return.


Return address is La Grange, Kentucky. Is that even where Hovind lives? I don’t think so. Is it?

He’s at his new digs, “Dinosaur Adventure Land” in Lenox Alabama.

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Its like you forgot I am Nigerian. I got no clue.

La Grange, Kentucky is a quaint little Kentucky town where freight trains run down the middle of the street.

Be careful where you park!

I really like the stamps though! :superhero: :man_superhero:

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I had no idea. There’s a set of 20 for DC and another set for Marvel, each set showing pictures of 10 characters and 10 first issue covers. Sort of. There are odd errors, for example Wolverine shown on a stamp with the cover of X-Men #1, in which he doesn’t appear. Superman gets Superman #1, not Action Comics #1. Wonder Woman gets a Wonder Woman #1, but it isn’t the first Wonder Woman #1 but a reboot. They’re also 41-cent stamps. How long ago was that?

Update: it isn’t even a Wonder Woman #1. It’s a Wonder Woman #22. Nice picture, though.

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In that subculture, individual followers will at their own expense send packets of “evangelistic” promotional materials to help share “the truth” with anyone they think needs it. In this case I wonder if Hovind has encouraged his fans through a podcast or video channel to help extend his debate challenge to as many scientists as possible.

The green card represents just another favorite ideology of that particular follower and probably has nothing to do with Hovind.

I’ve seen people like Walter Brown (of “Hydroplate Theory” fame) use this tactic to continually expand his claims of some exaggerated number of scientists who are allegedly “afraid” to debate him.


This isn’t a debate challenge though…

Yes, it is a debate challenge—at least in the minds of the sender and Hovind himself. Read the first two sentences of the cover letter. The words “debate” and “challenge” appear twice each. No doubt the sender considers you to be yet another “high priest of Darwinism.”

Walter Brown used to post on his website (and perhaps he still does) a long list of the names of scientists who “refused” these kinds of debate challenges.

Meanwhile, Hovind is presently out on bond awaiting trial on a third-degree domestic violence charge. Nine years in federal prison for tax related crimes did not lead to a quiet retirement. He started Dinosaur Adventure Land because . . . well . . . dinosaurs deserve their own attractions where they can get away from the stresses of extinction.


No where does it say:

Hovind is challenging you to a debate.

If wants to do so, he should email me directly. I’ll address it then.

That’s not how these people operate. It’s a childish game they play. They send out these indirectly worded form letters (and some even ask their followers to do it for them) and when they don’t hear back, they tell their followers that scientists are afraid of their debate challenge.

I’ve noticed that some of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are using a similar tactic.


Well I’ve made clear my thoughts on this in public. So let’s see how that goes.


Somehow that made me think of " DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson".
(Note: the video predates an unfortunate ear-biting event.)

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The letter shows why scientists would turn down debates: doesn’t sound like he’d debate the science, he just wants a pulpit to preach his own ideas

The promise card is interesting, too. Seems he promotes a prosperity gospel. In which case, he isn’t just wrong on science, but he is also wrong on theology


I watched a youtube debate a while back between Hovind and a British science teacher here
It was actually an enjoyable one as basically the teacher just kept asking for definitions and Hovind wasn’t able to properly provide them. He also just resorted to “I wasn’t prepared for that” for a lot of things which were used as evidence for evolution.


That card about “miracle money” is something else! Maybe the pseudo-science business isn’t bringing in enough money so now he works “miracles” on the side?


I’ve also been challenged to debate Walter Brown. IIRC, the challenge was for me to provide proof of evolution, Brown to rebut my claim, and a third party (holding $1,000 from each of us in escrow) to judge if my proof stood up to Brown’s challenge. If I demurred, the creationist who told me about it would publicise my cowardly refusal on his website. I don’t know if he ever did