Is there something similar to the Peace Corps but where the work is more Science/STEM based?

For example working on research teams to conduct field research (Biology, Chemistry, Marine, Forestry, etc.). My daughter is graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Science w/minor in Chemistry and would like to do something like the Peace Corps, but she’s somewhat introverted and I know she wouldn’t like teaching. She’d rather help with scientific field research of any kind.

So I’m just curious if there are programs like that out there, or if she’s best off just looking for regular work or internships.

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AmeriCorps might have opportunities like that, if you’re in the States. I don’t know anything about it personally. Good luck and happy holidays!

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I found this website:

It looks a lot like the Peace Corp, but may lean more towards environmental sciences.

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There is also Teach for America, which includes STEM teaching. Oh, but your daughter doesn’t want to teach!

For what it’s worth, I am also very introverted, but I actually enjoy teaching. It took some getting used to before I was comfortable doing it, and it requires a lot of energy for me (maybe everybody else too?), but I wouldn’t say that introversion alone should necessarily keep somebody from teaching.


Me too. I hated ice breakers or the thought of having to talk in classes as an undergrad. I was petrified of having to take a speech class so I took it in the summer to get it over with as quickly as possible. I’ve been teaching full-time (~ 4 classes/semester) for the last 10 years now and while teaching has gotten a lot easier for me, it is still incredibly draining and I have to spend some time alone in my office to “recharge”.

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