Peaceful Science or Civic Science?

So, we are currently moving into the next phase of PS. There remains questions about our name. As much as we know and love PS, we are unknown enough that we could change it now if it made sense. With the attention we should be expecting in the coming year, I do not expect we can revisit this again. Now, one possible option came. Which of these two do you like best?

  1. Peaceful Science
  2. Civic Science

Let me know what you think and why.

I’m absolutely baffled by the choice of the word civic.

Is Civic Science the science of compact Honda engineering ?

(Were you possibly thinking of something like “Civil Science”? If so, it brings to mind the “civil service” exam. And I don’t see how it would have any advantages over “Peaceful Science.”)

Amenable Science would be sickeningly vanilla. Amiable Science would at least be clearly affable. (Affable Science?)


Hehe. Civic as in Society.

It is really just for discussion. I think PS is most likely to stick.

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Yeah. My first thought with that “civic” reminded me of “civics”, which is what high school government courses used to be called. So “civic science” almost sounds related to “political science”—but probably only to old dinosaurs like me who remember the Eisenhower administration.

There’s always Convivial Science.


I think “Peaceful Science” is a worthwhile goal and is frequently a good description.


I support Peaceful Science also, as it promotes good norms of discussion.


Peaceful Science by far. Don’t consider changing the name. It works. You are established. Don’t throw away all your hard work. PS is a known entity, don’t ruin it.


A school student takes a class in science. And he takes a class in civics.

And now you want to confuse him with “civic science”?

Stick with the current name.


Right now PS is likely to become an independent non-profit affiliated with a “program” at WUSTL. We do not have an institute, but if we did, which names would you like? Institute for/of:

  1. Science in/and Sociey
  2. Public Understanding of Science
  3. Civic Science
  4. Science and Public Engagement
  5. Public Engagement

I reiterate we do not have a WUSTL institute. This is just a request to think about the language for the WUSTL centered component of what I do, which will be in formal collaboration with PS.

Option # 2 seems to be the most descriptive.


I would go with options #2 or #4.


I like 4, but I like 2 a little more.

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Another vote for “Convivial Science…” Quite surprisingly, the domain name is still available, too.


There is also:

  1. Science in Dialogue
  2. Science and Dialogue
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I really like peaceful science. We may not always be it, but we aspire to it. It is all things at the crossroads of science and faith (or lack of science or lack of faith, for that matter.)


I’m not a huge fan of “Peaceful Science” just because it’s not immediately clear what’s meant by “peaceful”. Is it pacifist science? Is it “coming to peace with science”? Is it “kumbaya” science? It’s hard to get a feel for what to expect.

However, I don’t like Civic Science better than Peaceful Science. I do like that it gets more at the idea behind PS I think, but I think people will associate it more with “civics” class. It seems like diversity, pluralism, openness get more at what PS is about.

I like #2 and #6 in this list the best. I think public engagement and/or community dialogue seem like key elements.

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Consider the acronyms/abbreviations:

Good: SAS
Neutral: SIS, CS, SID, SPE
Bad: SAD, PE
Ugly: PUS

“Science and Society” for the win.

“Science and Society” does have a nice ring to it. Easy to say and remember. Not too wordy.

The most accurate description could be “Secular Science”, but that name has a lot of cultural baggage. However, as others have stated the PS name is already established and known so it would be a bit confusing if PS were to disappear.

A few to consider (some of which are terrible, but might spark some ideas):

Welcoming Science
Fellowship of Science (a bit religious, but might work)
Culture and Science
Forum of Scientific Outreach

Not bad!