Moore: Reviewing The Genealogical Adam and Eve

A review by @anon46279830.

Swamidass suggests what seems an elegant symmetry between science, scripture, and vision. Scripture, in his view, can’t tell us about the population outside the garden that evolved because that’s not what the story is about, but science can. Conversely, science can’t tell us about the pair that God created in the garden but scripture can. If neither community can peer into the contents of the other’s narrative, then what is there to fight over? That’s the vision, and of course it is an appealing one for many people.

So the book is an achievement and a difficult one at that. But to truly unlock its potential and actually “change the conversation” is going to require something even more challenging: having an actual conversation. It is much easier to call for open and honest dialogue than it is to really do it, because it means you let go of the details of where the conversation goes- the people participating with you get some say in that too. It means accepting that some people, most people even, who you are inviting into the conversation don’t just want to solve a problem, but discover truth. Therefore using Hegelian premises and tactics is inappropriate. A real conversation can explore ideas that aren’t a part of the agenda of the facilitators, so long as those ideas can be defended with reason and fact. Put me down as one who is willing to participate in that conversation.

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