Not Dead Yet

Hi Everyone,
I have been absent for quite a while, first due to troubles at work that demanded attention (OK now) followed by a bad case of social media burnout. I have a long list of pending messages which I will start trying to work thru.

Anyway, I am not dead yet, and hope to work my way back into the discussion here over the next few weeks.



Thanks for the note. We missed you! Looking forward to seeing you around again.

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I miss this place too, and I feel bad for ducking out on you. I’m working out new priorities to better protect my personal time, and not get sucked into trying to do too much (like reading the Internet, arguing with Numpties, etc…).

So, “just resting” then!

“He’s resting.”


“Just Resting” is a pretty good take on it. Somewhere it hit me just how much of my energy social media (not just PS) sucks up.