Preparing for Growth: What about Wiki?

Continuing the discussion from Preparing for Growth: What about Tags?:

Another option I am considering is to build a new wiki category, where trusted users can build guides to larger topics. A reference category like this is an important way we can start organizing our work into evergreen content. For example, I can imagine posts on:

  1. The chronology of the Genealogical Adam.
  2. A full listing of all the approaches to historical Adam there are.
  3. Pages to note the key positions of major organizations, and our chronology wit hem (e.g. BioLogos, Reason to Believe, Discovery Institute).

What do you think? Is there interest in this? Evergreen reference content like this will be very helpful for new members, and might server as a starting point guide to the conversation. If well written, I expect it will be be attractive new people in the conversation, and well ranked in search engines. As a model for what I am talking about, look at

To help explain what I mean. The next post will be wiki editable by anyone. I will also make a separate thread as a wiki with a focus topic to see if this can work.

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This post is a wiki. Anyone can edit it.


With a little editing Mung’s Primer on Information Theory would be a good Wiki topic: A gentle introduction to Information Theory.

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