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Continuing the discussion from Feedback on Peaceful Science Logo Options:

How does this look? Which works great on a background too. Make you think of the Garden?


This is only part of the strategy though. More to reveal soon. In the meantime, can you figure out the font and why we picked it?

For those of you who were wondering. No. We are not going with the “Adam & Eve in conversation with a dove about DNA in the Garden of Eden” concept (@AndyWalsh ™)


Cool pic

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I think it is a big improvement over the previous. And I find it interesting for being a logo which doesn’t look like a logo.

My gut tells me that the two words should be arranged in a more interesting way and perhaps enlarged slightly so that there is a little less background and a little more foreground. (Otherwise, it can be mistaken for a simple title of an article or whatever.)

I’d love to see what a talented artist might do with this basic layout to make it more distinctive. I think the basic elements are there and just a little bit of subtle polish could make it great yet suitably understated. (We don’t need anything flashy. That is one of the reasons I like this. Pleasant and eye-catching and yet not “loud.”)

Good job.


There is more to this too. I’m sharing part of the plan going forward. I think you will like the next part.

The backgrounded image was thrown together by me, a scientist, not a designer. It is just to give a sense of the possibilities.

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I like it. The font seems pleasant but not silly.


I like this as well. Much better than the previous logo. My only suggestion would be to stack the two words vertically rather than having them side by side. It will fit better on may format’s that way. (I’d offset them slightly horizontally so they can be closer together without the P & S looking like they are too close together vertically.

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Yup there is a version like that too! Can be done both ways.

(What font name or names have a peaceful connotation? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:)

Helvetica would be Swiss, if that counts. :slightly_smiling_face: Trebuchet wouldn’t be one of them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nope. Wrong track. Here is one hint.

This is perhaps the only font produced as part of someone’s PhD thesis.

This communicates something about our value on scholarship and systematic study, such as that which scientists do in our work.

Does that hint help?

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Not so much. (And I hope you don’t feel slighted if I don’t think it’s worth my time pursuing it.)

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Very peaceful, and scientific too. I like.

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Alverata is an inscriptional serif typeface designed by Dutch type designer Gerard Unger. It was published through TypeTogether in 2014. The design is a modern take on the Romanesque inscriptional capitals of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. There are three distinct styles of Alverata available—regular, informal and irregular—that vary in shape and width. There is also a PanEuropean (PE) version available that supports Greek and Cyrillic.

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Things are so much more peaceful after you catapult the troublemakers over the wall. :rofl:


@dga471 found the font, Alverata.

It was produced as part of Gerard Unger’s thesis, in which he studied medieval inscription typography.

The characteristics of the early twenty-first-century model go together well with the main features of the Romanesque carved letterforms: Alverata has a large x-height and is slightly condensed. Its letterforms are robust, yet with refinement in many details, for example where curves meet straight parts, and at the ends of curved parts. The large interior spaces of the letters and the taut curves show the designer’s personal preferences and echo modern art’s pure forms. It’s historical ties link Alverata to Modern Classicism.

Alverata brings together the old and the new, drawing on both ancient letter forms and modern abstract art, merging them into a single type. That unexpected bridge between two worlds is exactly what underlies Peaceful Science.


I think it sums up the philosophy and interests of this site quite nicely.


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I would suggest you consider putting Science under Peaceful, and maybe double the font size. That way when the logo is shrunk, it will still be readable.

Survival of the Friendliest sounds too much like you are putting yourself in opposition to evolution. If I knew nothing about you, I would think this was a creationist organization.

Actually the empty chair is better. It represents those who have not yet come to the table.