Time Travel: Is it possible?


I realize that there are many views concerning this matter. Is or will it be a possibility one day? I do believe that God the Son spoke and the Big Bang took place that all time that will ever be appeared. We actually do not know how many times we have lived this moment since the famous Big Bang made its debut. At the present time, I would have to say that if time travel will happen, it has already happened. However, I see a problem here. If there is no force field to protect the time traveler from moving backwards or forwards in time, many things could happen. I will just name a few.

  1. If the time traveler moves forward in his vehicle, he may find himself growing old and if he does not stop, he may turn to bones and dust.
  2. Another situation could occur. Let us say that I want to go to the year 1795. Since there is still no force field to protect me or my machine, when I reach one minute before it was created, it would no longer exist and I might be setting on the floor a few hours or days younger.

If time travel is possible, there must be protection for the machine and me. What about going in a space ship into a worm hole. Since we really do not know what a worm whole is, I can’t really imagine. If it is a door to another line of time, then I would probably find myself in another 2018 where I live in New York and work for Chase Manhattan Bank. I do not know, only God has the answers. Oh, I would like to add something here. If I could invent a force field and go back in time twenty years, would I become my past self or would there be a young me and an old me at the same time. We will say 1989.


Paging @AndyWalsh. Have some fun here, and maybe post an excerpt from your book =).


Jesus may have demonstrated a kind of “reverse time travel” in the resurrection… just sayin’!


These are really playful proposals @Charles_Miller. You would really like Alan Lightman’s book on time:

Have you read it yet? It is one of the books that inspired me to become a scientist, when I read it as a high schooler. I also had the privilege of doing a Veritas Forum with him a couple years back.


No, I have never read it; however, I will have to take a look at it.


Or he could have experienced his own Second Coming. Please read Matthew 27:52-53. I believe you will find it interesting. Other interpretations could be used here too.


Yeah…gotta wonder about the “twinkling of an eye” phraseology; is that God “winking” at a future generations that “gets” time travel? : )


I thought that you don’t accept the current understanding from astrophysics that the universe came into existence 13.8 billion ± 21 million years ago?


I am not sure where you saw that. I simply said I could accept the Progressive Creation view or Evolutionary Creationism. I can also accept Intelligent Design Theory with an Old Universe and microevolution only. I would normally call that Species Adaptation. I do not accept YEC. Have I ever accepted YEC and I must say no? That was a friendly question.:grinning:


Oh, then you might enjoy this recent Ethan Siegel


Possibly. I am reading about eight books now. My ole noodle keeps going. It is like that advertisement about the batteries with the bunny. It keeps going. Patrick, your conversation is good today. I am glad to see that.


I am just getting started. :neutral_face:


We shall see.:grinning:


CHUCK NORRIS sometimes knocks people into next week, so it is possible on a limited basis.

So long as we are being whimsical…

I have often thought that in the life to come going back in time will be like going into another room. We can observe. Maybe visit our beloved pet. But not change anything which isn’t meant to be changed. When you see your lap dog act weird when no one is around, maybe that’s you coming back to visit him!


Great reasoning! I like that. He you ever thought about the idea of ghosts? I am sure you have. Perhaps there is a rift in time and you are seeing someone from the past of future, and they can see you. To them your bed in a cornfield in 1859 and your bed is there too; however, you see this person in 2018 looking at you.


I’ve certainly thought about them. But I never gave most reports all that much concern until I had my own personal experiences with phenomena which were very unnerving. I rationalized the evidence for a while until I was forced to conclude that I was dealing with the demonic. (I didn’t give “time travelers” much thought because that explanation didn’t really fit the evidence.)

I don’t want to start a new thread and I don’t see any value in explaining the details of what I observed. (I’ve gone there before on Internet forums and it is always the same unproductive path of “prove it” and people claiming that I was lying about the evidence I had.) I will just say that through these experiences I was forced to think a great deal about the demonic mentioned in the Bible and about the reports I had heard from colleagues who had served on mission fields in Africa and Haiti. Until my personal experiences, I rarely thought about the demonic but now I understand that the Bible warns of Satan and the demonic for good reason.

Is it possible that some people have observed what I have experienced and assumed that they were witnessing time travelers? I don’t know. (Yet I wouldn’t apply that explanation in my case.) But it is an interesting topic, Charles.


Good thinking. The demonic concept has validity as well. I have considered that possibility too. Were you a missionary just as your friends were?


Not at that time. And it happened to me over a period of months in just one location in the USA.

I am inclined to think that demonic phenomena are actually part of the matter and energy universe but involve dimensions or other matter-energy universe properties that we do not currently understand. So I actually think that “natural laws” are at work but they are completely unknown to us at this point in human history. (I am not downplaying miracles when I speculate that they involve natural laws which currently mystify us. Perhaps quantum physics explains how the resurrected Jesus could suddenly appear in the upper room with his disciples while the door and windows were closed. Stating that there could be laws of the created universe at work in Jesus’ appearance in no way denies or detracts from what happened. It is just a matter of perspective.)


Although I love a good time travel story, oddly there’s nothing in my book about time travel except a dad joke about traveling into the future at a rate of one day per day.

My TL;DR take on time travel - theoretically, it hasn’t been fully ruled out, but the kind of time travel that seems to be at least theoretically possible is also wildly impractical for the moment. But where’s the fun in that?

This popular approach to time travel makes for some great stories. 12 Monkeys and Timecrimes are notable examples. I also think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure makes great use of this feature. I think part of the appeal of this perspective is that it neatly sidesteps paradoxes and preserves most or all of our intuitions about how causality and the past work. Consistent histories are maintained. That’s cognitively satisfying, because it reinforces how we already see the world. And that’s fine, although I think it also misses an opportunity to stretch our minds by exploring counterintuitive possibilities.

Curious. So the traveler still experiences all of the elapsed time, just “sped up,” like fast-forwarding a video cassette. When I’ve seen time travel treated with some attempt at fidelity to real physics (specifically general relativity), it’s less like fast-fowarding a video cassette and more like selecting a specific chapter on a DVD. This is accomplished via a wormhole that connects two distant points of spacetime without having to traverse everything “in between.”

This reminds me of Primer where time travel is only possible within the operational span of the time machine; going back before it was turned on isn’t possible. To stretch my A/V analogy, that’s like how a DVR will record whatever you are watching live, allowing you to pause or rewind, but you can’t rewind back before you turned the DVR on. The way that Primer explains time travel, this restriction makes sense for that story, but again I’m not sure it applies in a wormhole scenario.

My expectation would be that 1989 would then have 2 versions of Charles Miller who have aged for different amounts of time. There’s no mechanism I can think of that would cause the atoms that make up your body to merge with the atoms that make up your younger body, especially since many of them are not the same atoms.

A few more thoughts on time travel:

  • Do the past and the future exist as destinations? The geometry of general relativity suggests ‘yes’ but we know general relativity may not be a complete description of reality (since it has not been reconciled with quantum physics). I think most people’s intuition might suggest ‘yes’ in the sense that so much of our thinking and language about time is tied up in our thinking and language about space. For example, we often describe the future as ahead of us and the past behind us. Even the phrase “time travel” is built on the analogy that time is like space. At the same time, many of us operate as if the future is undecided, suggesting that at least the future does not exist as a fixed destination.
  • Is your time machine prepared to travel great spatial distances as well? It’s tempting to picture time travel like in Back to the Future, where there is a spatial continuity across the temporal discontinuity. We have to think “fourth dimensionally” and picture what this exact spot will look like at the time we are traveling to in order to prepare for arrival. But if we are really thinking in four dimensions, we have to remember that even though we don’t notice it, we are moving at spectacular speed through the cosmos. How did that DeLorean instantaneously traverse the roughly 1 petameter the Earth moved in the 30 years between 1955 and 1985?
  • What if the only thing that can time travel is information? I’ve seen some discussion suggesting that theory can rule out the possibility of matter traveling through time, but that information might still be able to make the trip. The movie Frequency (and the TV show as well) explore that particular version in quite intriguing fashion. I particularly like the way it suggests that sending information back in time can change the present while avoiding the logistic difficulties of “when” those changes are realized that more traditional time stories have. (For example, why does Marty McFly slowly fade out instead of disappearing as if he were never there to begin with?)


Realize that a time traveling machine would also need to be a space and time travel machine as we are moving quite rapidly in spacetime. So if we want to go back in time, we would need to determine WHERE we were or where the Earth was at that time. And if we want to go back far enough we would have to take into account that space is expanding and was squeezed into a smaller space back then.