Tour and Swamidass: The Genealogical Adam and Eve

Dr. Tour interviews me on August 10, 2020 about the GAE.

Audience Questions from Interview

  1. When God says in Genesis, “let us make man in our image and after our likeness”, what is this “image” of “us”? Is that spiritual or physical?

  2. For Josh, Where do early proto-humans (homo flores, homo erectus) fit in your view of evolution and scripture? Are they Imago Dei? De Novo?

  3. Moses wrote Numbers and Deuteronomy. They point to the same events. Can we read them sequentially? How should we read Genesis?

  4. The book may remove some obstacles to accepting evolution for believers. Has it worked in the other direction, i.e., scientists accepting the Bible?

  5. How do you tell Christians about the truth of science? How do you tell your colleagues about the truth of the Gospel? How do you engage those who disagree with you?


I’d be interested in your answers, assuming they were directed at you.

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I answered all but one in the interview.