World's biggest T. rex discovered

For someone who claims to never have been a fan of dinosaurs, I sure do like posting about them.


Why do they quote the Nat geo person on a canadian study with the real finders around to talk? Hmmm.
I see t rex as just big flightless ground birds. not reptiles/dinosaurs whatsoever.
in estimating their weight they must include that bird bones have spaces in them that make them lighter then otherwise. Now in this study they dio bring up the weight issue has problems. in fact they stress the slender t rex ones show a strange diversity in weight.
They still come from a presumption Trex was a reptile. so they invent the weight on this point.
Yet if they came from the bird concept they would reduce the weight.
flightless birds did/do get very heavy but watch the weight thing.

i don’t agree the age is easily determined. They only age them by concepts of midern realities of decay on bones etc. Yet before the flood, this creature was killed in the first week or so of the flood,creatures very likely lived hundreds of years like people and so decay was slowed down. so a age reading from looking at bones would not be accurate.

You’re an idiot. I’m done with PS. It’s being overrun with loonies now. Peace!!!

No, don’t go! That’s just Robert. And this isn’t even the worst thing he ever said.


Chill out @T.j_Runyon. Everyone is recuperating after an intense month. We will get back soon.

World’s biggest T. rex discovered.

I haven’t posted one of my “That reminds me of a story…” anecdotes in a while:

I knew a guy in college who was quite large. He had always hated the name his parents gave him: Theodore Rex _____. (I can no longer remember his last name.) However, during his high school years he changed his opinion about his name when he realized that he could replace “Theodore” with a first initial. The result was a nickname that immediately caught on: Everybody started calling him “T. Rex.” Thus, as a heavyweight high school wrestler, they started adding “The” before his name: “Introducing, The T. Rex.”

I still think of him whenever someone refers to a T. rex.

(Speaking of unusual names, a friend from Texas recently mentioned to me a very famous philanthropist Texan. Believe it or not, her name was Ima Hogg. That wasn’t a nickname. That was the name on her birth certificate. If you don’t believe me, trying googling Ima Hogg.)


I understand your frustration. Nothing wrong with taking a break but I hope you don’t give up. Sometimes one can have fun with the more outlandish comments. I was just imagining Big T Rex as a Sesame Street character, or maybe a restaurant chain called Kentucky Fried T Rex. See, there is something worse than Robert’s “science” - my jokes!


Come on. Robert infests a number of web sites. He’s easily ignored. If you think PS is overrun with loonies, try TSZ. The comparative sanity here is striking.


Your not in peace.
Be open to innovative ideas in science. In origin matters everyone can call everyone names as if that settles who is right.
Pay attention.
The modern research on theropod dinosaurs(including t-rex) has fantastically concluded they are so bird like in traits and behaivour THAT its the origin for why they say birds are directly descended from dinos. In fact saying birds are in the dino family has them beginning to deny there is a reptile group. Otherwise they would have to say birds are living reptiles. I just read about this on another blog(evolutionist one). On many excellent youtube videos they talk about the bird like traits of theropod dinos. T-rex had a widshbone and possibly/cousins had feathers. In fact they use the feather evidence to argue flight developed from dinos etc using feathers for flight from a original heating use.
Then research now has cases where they themselves quarrel over whether this or that fossil is a theropod dino or a flightless bird.NOW this creationist knows that flightless birds were common everywhere once on many islands. Then went extinct with only famous ones remembered. like the dodo or the moa or penguins etc etc. Then in the fossil record there were giant flightless birds called TERROR birds(wiki) in the Americas. Then there must of been flightless giant birds before the flood or in dino days. There was flying birds who had rows of teeth(wiki). So this creationist realized that the theropod dinos were in fact just flightless ground birds. They were not reptiles or dinosaurs WHATSOEVER. its a classification error from the tiny number of upper class Englishmen in the 1800’s.
only now is a slow process of correction going on. Yet biblical boundaries deny God created these groups called dinosaurs, reptiles, mammals, but only kinds that just might share useful traits.
Anyways the size, teeth, visual/audio artists depiction , of t-rex should not blind one to a spectrum of diversity in flightless ground birds.
Its a hypothesis based in creationist boundaries and independent research.
Don’t in a sly way try to dismiss my reputation but instead give intellectual reasons against such a hypothesis. Peace SINCERELY from me.
(The rock/glam group of the early 1970’s called T-REX is not in my hypothesis if anyone wonders!!)

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@Robert_Byers Kudos for the T-Rex call-out! Bang a gong was a classic. If you missed the 70’s, catch one of the decade’s finest moments, below:

I’m not positive, but I think that @AllenWitmerMiller may have played keyboards with these guys more than once!!


I remember reading this article and I just found it again - since you mentioned terror birds, here is an article by Joel Duff about that very topic:


I’m not positive, but I think that @AllenWitmerMiller may have played keyboards with these guys more than once!!


Edit - somehow the quote didn’t work correctly.


That’s actually dangerously close to being true.

(Around that time I did a show at a Midwestern summer festival. Due to an odd set of circumstances, right around midnight I found myself playing a piano on the back of a pickup truck driving down Main Street—and singing a corny country song while Bobby Riggs was sitting on top of the piano with a bullhorn and trying to harmonize. He failed. Yes, the Bobby Riggs reference is a call out to my fellow dinosaurs who remember that era. That’s another old duffer story for @Michael_Callen.)

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Bobby Riggs who threw his match to BJK in order to pay off his gambling debts to the mob?? Man, I wish we had some YouTube footage of that mobile “concert”… :slight_smile:

So instead of harmonizing, Bobby Riggs was making a racket?


That’s the one. I met him backstage. A goofy guy walked up next to me while I was waiting for my queue from the M.C. and he started chatting. I was annoyed at first and didn’t realize who he was until I noticed the yellow jacket—and I took a step back and that is when I saw the Sugar Daddy® logo on it. At that moment I realized who it was.(Bobby Riggs had an endorsement contract with the candy bar company.)

Bobby Riggs bet on absolutely everything. So it never surprised me that he was in debt to the mob. (Of course, I didn’t hear about that until years later.)

He would have gone down in history as a great tennis champion if WWII had not interrupted his prime athletic years.

And, yes, I’d give anything for a film record of my interesting experience with Bobby Riggs.

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Bet you I won’t fall off this piano… :slight_smile:

Oh, my gosh, that’s awesome. What a great story!

Michael, I’m baffled by the quote from me in your post—because I never wrote “Bet you I won’t fall off this piano…” How did that get quoted???

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Hahaha… that was an imaginary quote from a now-deceased, piano riding, awful-gambling, former tennis star.

(I just highlighted the text and used the “quote function” in the toolbar.) You can type anything and format it as a quote… then type the “@” sign and a username (@AllenWitmerMiller) and voila! :slight_smile: It’s all on my YouTube channel, too.

It was the combo of the two features which confused me. (I had wondered why you didn’t attribute the imaginary words to Bobby Riggs instead.)

Sometime when we chat I will tell you the interesting story of why Bobby Riggs was there at that small town festival and how we both got drafted to help move the piano (because it was after midnight and the roadies had all gone home!) The guy in charge of the entire event was a lifelong friend of Riggs and a former tennis partner. I had returned to the place to pick up my favorite microphone and they had to remove the rented piano.So we were all helping out.

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