Calling for Beta Readers

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How do you have the time to moderate this forum and keep doing lots of research?? :smile:

(Jon Garvey) #23

Hooray! Roll on the Roll out of Genalogical Adam. There will be a get-out clause for them buried somewhere in the small-print, of course.:grinning:

As Josh knows, IVP UK turned my book down, even though it turned out I’d known one member of the board since medical school, and a second had been in my home Bible Study group. Where is nepotism when you need it?

Fortunately American publishers are less discerning…

(Kenneth Turner) #24

Yep, I’m game. I’ve got some experience reviewing these sorts of things. But they should’ve picked up @jongarvey’s excellent book as well.


Dr. @swamidass, I would love to have an opportunity to read and offer feedback on your manuscript, if the timing of that is still worthwhile. Otherwise, I’ll just wait until it’s printed and buy a copy immediately!

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Alright everyone, I have made a new group called @readers, and a new category called “Readers” that can be accessed here:

It will give you a cool little icon on your avatar too, showing that you are one of our readers. I will be using this category for feedback on excerpts of the book, and adding everyone who has declared interest on this thread to the group. If you would like to be added, please request it here or in a private message to me.

Please place a high priority on answering and engaging posts in this category. Thank you.

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@Eddie would you be willing to be a beta reader?

(Dan Eastwood) #29

Differing views are often helpful. Not everyone needs to agree, but we should all understand the point of disagreement. :slight_smile:

(John Harshman) #30

Sure. I majored in spelling.

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Great Beta-Max strategy… count me in!

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Ahhh… @swamidass… so THIS is what you were texting about!

Im in!

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I spoke too soon… the system wont let me access the reader link!

[[ Never mind… i see i have the icon already!!! ]]

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I just aded you. It should work now.

(George) #36

I love it!

(Jon Garvey) #37

This might be the first book in history that was written by all its readers!

But they say a camel is an animal designed by a committee, so my involvement appears mandatory.

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #38

I really hope that this is not ALL its readers!

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