Doubtful Conversations: Evolution and Race with Dr. Joshua Swamidass

On this episode I interview world-renowned scientist Dr. Joshua Swamidass on a wide array of topics including the intersection of faith and science as well as racism in the church.

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The best parts of the conversation IMO:

  • The last 15 minutes - sorry that it got cut off

  • Your son’s name :smiley:

  • The quotables: " ‘Racism is really rare, but unforgivable’…the fact of the matter is, that’s just not true. Racism is really common, and it’s also forgivable."

  • “There are things that have been lost that we’re never going to get back…there’s people that are gone…the only truthful way to engage the brokenness in this world is…into a truthful grief”

Thank you. The stories were moving and the suggestions were helpful.


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