How to establish trust in a conversation

Trust would seem to require that I be Christian, probably an evangelical. Atheists are likely right out. So, if I understand correctly, you’re advising me to sit down and shut up.


That is not the case.


You did link previously Jonathan Haidt, whose core premise in his book “The Righteous Mind”
is that humans are tribalist.


I think for the YEC who has had the well poisoned by hearing from their pastors that those evilutionists are atheists trying to prove there is no God, it is easier to trust another Christian like themselves. That doesn’t mean that atheists need to be ignored or not trusted though. I trust your knowledge of evolutionary biology and consider you a reputable source on that (having lurked over a year here). When I was first coming out of YEC, a Christian scientist (er… scientist who is a Christian :smiley:) was more likely to be convincing to me than an atheist. I needed to see that accepting evolution didn’t mean dismissing the Bible. That said, there are atheists who try to push atheism on others, and there are atheists who just talk about the science. I much prefer to listen to the latter, even if the former is making a good point. I’m fully on board with evolution, but I don’t want to hear atheist proselytizing. Note that I didn’t see that happening on this thread. :wink:


You gained trust with me when you were willing to challenge others who were understanding GE incorrectly as I read through that recent thread. I can understand others disagreeing with it, but if they’re attacking a straw man, that’s helpful to no one - so I appreciated that.

I also enjoyed your description of avian beauty.

Sometimes building trust may mean showing more than one side of your character, which you did in those instances.


Your tendency toward one-line, non-informational replies should be resisted as much as possible.


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