Is PS an echo chamber?

You’re right, it’s no argument at all. It’s just a courtesy for any possible lurkers who might be open-minded enough to exit this echo chamber and read them.

Why would they want to enter the YEC echo chamber where people don’t even understand the difference between a hypothesis and an observation? You actually think the scientific method requires us to observe the hypothesis. You don’t seem to understand that observations and hypotheses are two different things.


So your goal in this “echo chamber” is not to argue any point or present any evidence, it’s just to attract lurkers who might be susceptible to creationism?

Please just name one legitimate dating method that shows a young earth. Won’t take more than a sentence.

I provided you one, as asked. I didn’t say I’d debate all the details of it with you here. If you wish to dispute the article, contact the author (which is not me) via the website contact form.

Echo chamber? Well, there is certainly a much greater range of opinion which is expressed in this forum than is ever allowed in the comments of :t_rex: :sauropod:


Paul, you’ve posted over 1,100 comments here without being banned or disciplined by moderators. We also have @r_speir, a creationist who’s similarly posted over 1,200 comments. There have been tons and tons of debate about ID on this forum as well, including from its leading contenders - thousands and thousands of posts. How can you say this website is an echo chamber? There are more non-creationist posters than creationists here, granted, but does that justify calling it an echo chamber?


You really felt this was worth a whole new thread? I said it’s an echo chamber because, in my rather extensive experience here (as you have noted), I have found that in nearly every discussion in which I find myself, it’s me against almost everybody else there. There is a tiny handful of actively posting creationists, and I’m not sure if any of those are actually YEC. All the scientists are evolutionists as far as I know. C’mon, it’s pretty clear it’s an echo chamber, but don’t feel bad. That’s par for the course pretty much everyplace on the internet.


That’s because your YEC position is rejected by virtually everyone with even the slightest bit of science education or knowledge. I imagine the Flat Earthers whine they find themselves in echo chambers too when posting on astronomy boards. There’s a darn good reason YECs and Flat Earthers are such a tiny minority. Want to guess what it is? :thinking:


So by this definition, is an echo chamber?

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I think the term is generally reserved for places of discussion like forums. But I can tell you that the vast majority of all the comments I see are supportive (for most articles anyway), which would argue that it is an echo chamber, at least with regard to the comments section. In my general experience, people tend to go to the places with which they already agree. I have never yet found any kind of discussion forum where the disagreeing sides are represented evenly. I think the only way it could realistically achieved would be to create and enforce quotas on participation by view represented. That, in fact, is what they had to do at r/creation to keep from getting swamped by skeptics and evolutionists.

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You have been given every chance to present your scientific evidence to support your YEC claims. We’ve presented hundreds of published research papers supporting mainstream science. That you can’t provide any support for you position is not out fault nor our problem.

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Comparative between and this forum, which is less an echo chamber? It seems obvious that we are far less an echo chamber.


It’s not a reasonable comparison to make. This is a discussion forum, and as far as I know, anybody who wants to post here can post. is a moderated website purposely designed to promote a specific point of view (we don’t try to hide that fact).

Yep. Why are you surprised the large majority of people posting are scientifically literate and reject your YEC science-free claims? That reflects on the percentages in the actual scientific community.

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In other words, it is meant to be an echo chamber. Got it.

You are correct to hold us to a higher standard because want to do better. And we have.


An echo chamber is defined as a place where only one side of an argument is allowed to be heard or posted. PS is not an echo chamber because it allows all opinions to be posted. PDPrice seems to mistake the large unpopularity and rejection of his YEC position among the scientifically literate with it being censored.


Not too sure of that. I find, for example, that Pharyngula is a bit of an echo chamber on political issues, as disenting views are promptly shouted down by the majority. You can post anything you want, but if you care at all about the responses, the piling on can be a disincentive. Only the trolls seem interested in bucking the majority. I know I generally don’t bother to respond. Why Evolution Is True is similar to a lesser degree. If not true echo chambers, they’re at least echo chamber-ish.


I agree that this forum is dominated by non-creationists, on the other hand we have many times given special platforms for creationists and other minority camps to present their view, sometimes even in a protected way. That’s way more diversity and balance than many other forums can say.


I’ll say this: of all the evolutionist-dominated forums I’ve ever participated in, this one is the most fairly moderated, and has the most scientific experts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. We are not perfect but we do try.

I don’t think we are an echo chamber, but @PDPrice you certainly are a minority here. There are other YECs here (@r_speir, @thoughtful, @J.E.S, @stcordova), but you are out numbered.

You also post in a way that elicits some strong reactions from the “other side”. :slight_smile: In general, because you are a minority, we’ve erred towards allowing you to speak in moderation decisions.

Rather than saying we are an echo chamber (we aren’t) let’s say you are a minority here.