My Response to the ASA's Apology

It takes real courage for institutions to transparently admit mistakes and to correct them. The ASA offers an olive branch. I accept.

There is a story to tell about what happened, and how it resolved. For now, the ASA’s letter gives all the critical details. More information is available in an editorial note on our website and our forum.


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And so the progress of ideas is at least as much a moral issue as an intellectual one!


In this particular case, and extending beyond merely the ASA, that is very true. I hope the other institutions that have made mistakes here will come forward and make right what was done wrong. Maybe with time they will.

Wow. To borrow from Megan Ganz, that letter is “a masterclass on How to Apologize.” I’m glad you were finally vindicated. That’s got to mean a lot to you.


I’m very grateful.

I’ve come to learn, to experience firsthand, how important vindication is when institutions make mistakes. The instinct to keep apologies private does serious damage, by leaving injured parties to carry the institution’s secrets, allowing wrongdoing to continue with impunity. For that reason, I’m thankful the ASA made their apology public.

In the coming months more of the details may become public. We should not and cannot forget the past, even when it doesn’t match the present. I’m not going to carry other’s secrets.

Still, let it be known by all and clear to all that, even if more of the details come to light, the ASA and I have resolved our differences.


Wow! That is quite a letter. I am thankful to be a member of ASA and I appreciate their willingness to make it right as an organization. It really is very good statement.

As someone who was in attendance that day and came to Peaceful Science because of it, I do think it could have moved the conversation a lot faster if it had been able to be recorded, promoted, and discussed in a wider community. I think you could have more effectively dealt with the racism/polygenesis/“pre-Adamite” misunderstanding/confusion that seems to have become one of the go-to dismissals of GAE.

@swamidass I also think your donation of the funds back to support diversity within the ASA is a fantastic and gracious idea.


@dga471 I recall we met at the ASA too.


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