What is Our Theme Music?


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“Evo - Devo” … or in the “biz”:

Evolutionary Development !

Produced by AcapellaScience, a unique channel on YouTube! All the sounds are produced by just ONE performer !

What Parts of the Big Bang Do Scientists Dispute?
Coyne Says Religion and Science Incompatible?
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Let’s not forget about all those fossils!

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Off topic, but good fun!

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Have you heard? That link you posted (below) doesn’t seem to be working.
What’s the channel it comes from?

Mod edit: alternate link

Or search TMBG paleontologist.

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^^^ try now

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Well, now this link is working for me!

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(Retired Professor & Minister.) #9

They Might Be Giants also have a great song for any wannabe Bible scholar who is studying ANE (Ancient Near Eastern) history and culture:

Not only does this remind us of four famous heroes of the ANE, it parodies a similar video tribute to four modern day heroes (of the 1960’s.) (Yes, they’re The Monkeys.)

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #10

I like the entertaining ideas here. Maybe we will even have a comic strip one day :wink:.

(Dan Eastwood) #11

I had no idea you were a TMBG fan, you continue to amaze! :smile:
Now tell me you like Fripp and my head will explode. :exploding_head:

And for those who don’t know about that other band … :monkey::monkey_face::monkey::monkey_face:

(Retired Professor & Minister.) #12

The They Must Be Giants’ video “The Mesopotamians” is basically a parody of this “We’re the Monkeys” video because both are about a struggling band trying to get recognized for their music:

(Guy Coe) #13

Well, I’ll opt for something less " cool," and more predictable, because it’s what I truly think and feel.

Maybe a more humorous one will occur to me later… : )
Like, https://youtu.be/VJHJAkhacGU ?

(Dr. Patrick Trischitta) #14

PS should have an Evolution themed music. Here is Nightwish’s Endless Forms Most Beautiful with intro by Richard Dawkins

(Jon Garvey) #15

I wrote a song called Adam and Evolution. A tribute to true love delayed in its consummation by 3 billion years. What more could you want??

(Jacob) #16

This is probably too elementary but maybe it could be played periodically:

(Jon Garvey) #17

Then, of course…

(Retired Professor & Minister.) #18

I might as well take the question “What Is Our Theme Music?” into the completely absurd:

(If I had a need for my own theme song, I would rework a few lyrics and just go with it.)

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